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Cubeit Portable Storage

2177 Plains Road, Burlington, ON



Storage Units at Cubeit Portable Storage - 2177 Plains Road, Burlington, ON
Storage Units at Cubeit Portable Storage - 2177 Plains Road, Burlington, ON
Storage Units at Cubeit Portable Storage - 2177 Plains Road, Burlington, ON
Storage Units at Cubeit Portable Storage - 2177 Plains Road, Burlington, ON

About Cubeit Portable Storage

At Cubeit we know a thing or two about moving and storage... and the crazy stress that sometimes comes along with it.  We pride ourselves on working hard to offer the little extras that can go a long way to make your move smoother and more enjoyable. We have several solutions to help with your move whether you are moving across the city or across the country. We also have over 100 storage facilities across the country to help with your storage needs.

We will deliver your container right to your front door at home, or work if you prefer. You then pack your container at your own pace. When your'e finished, schedule a pick up, let us know where to deliver it, and it will be waiting for you when you get there. Our containers are a safe and secure solution for all your moving and storage needs.

Get and instant online quote in a few easy steps or Call Us and chat with Solution Centre today. Remember, we know things can get a little stressfil during moving. Relax and let us work with you for a simple stress-free move!


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Facility Reviews

5 out of 5
Robert Saka
August 30,2021

Great option for those who are in need of storage for things such as general moving or if you are getting your place renovated and need a place to store your things rather than hauling them off to a storage facility. It's convenient to have a clean sealed container dropped off at your residence for as long as you need. Then the container can be delivered to your next home whenever you are ready. Definitely more sheep than hiring a moving company. The only downside is finding enough friends to help you lift your stuff around the house without damaging anything 😂

5 out of 5
Raelene Wiseman
August 11,2021

Live this company and will recommend to anyone and everyone I know..the guy who delivered it was so cautious and through. Very professional and informative. Client service has also been awesome...no out to rip anyone off!!! Just amazing people.

4 out of 5
Garth Peters
June 14,2021

The website was informative, process for renting online was simple and efficient. Staff was courteous and professional over the phone. Friendly recommendation if possible have containers cleaned between customer delivery. My Container was delivered muddy with loose leaves on the inside (likely from previous client who used it for storage)

3 out of 5
Danny Granzow
September 13,2021

I have mixed feelings about my experience. We used Cubeit to move from southern ontario to manitoba. On one hand the service was really good. Delivery and Pickup of the container was on-time in both locations. Clear communication about when they are coming to deliver/pick-up, all of the drivers I interacted with were kind and professional. our stuff arrived undamaged, no signs of water or pest entry into the container while it was in storage, no mold or mildew, etc. On the other hand the billing was a headache, we ended up getting charged probably 15-20% more than we were originally quoted for, with no changes to the service. The bills came in multiple waves and it was often unclear exaclty what parts of the service we were paying for. We got charged incorrectly a few times and had to call customer service to get it sorted out, often having to call back multiple times in order to get our refund.

5 out of 5
Marion Robertson
June 28,2021

Used for onsite storage during our home renovation. Staff are extremely pleasant and helpful. Storage unit was delivered on time and safely held our furnishings for over 3 months without any dust or water damage. Would highly recommend them to family & friends.